With the market size for metaverse stocks expected to balloon in the next two years, these 5 names are worth a closer look

The metaverse describes a virtual world that has the potential to add a new dimension to the way we interact socially and the way we do business. Virtual reality (VR) has long been a staple of science fiction novels and movies. A “place” that seeks to blend the real world and a digital world into one. Thanks to leaps in VR technology and computing power, fiction is becoming fact – creating demand not only in this space, but also for metaverse stocks.

The metaverse has plenty of potential to be as big as the internet. At least that’s the idea for many CEOs.

With the market size for metaverse stocks expected to balloon in the next two years, these 5 names are worth a closer look.

EPAZ Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ), a mission-critical provider of metaverse solutions, blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, recently announced that its flagship software technology, DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office, is developing virtual clinics to take telemedicine to the next level. DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Clinics will allow physicians to obtain real-time 3D images to conduct patient assessments and consultations, thus streamlining and upgrading telemedicine programs.

EPAZ DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office will extend to the health care industry, including telemedicine applications, by providing virtual clinics. This technology will allow physicians to examine patients in 3D form, consult with them in real-time and discuss treatment courses. It is a 3D version of an online consultation where users can see, touch, hear and feel gestures and movements while communicating with physicians like they would in a face-to-face consultation.

EPAZ Health care facilities, physicians’ offices, clinics and hospitals can subscribe to the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Clinics software and use the application for augmented reality telemedicine. Physicians may instruct their patients to use the virtual clinic for regular checkups and emergency appointments. DeskFlex will ship the Epazz Slims VR glasses to patients so they can access DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Clinics. Patients can opt to purchase the VR glasses for monthly health consultations or ship them back using return labels for sanitation and reuse.

EPAZ Epazz will release the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Clinics application following the launch of its Metaverse Virtual Office in the second quarter of this year.

Epazz founder, chairman and CEO Dr. Shaun Passley said, “Our goal is to extend our technology into different product lines to create many opportunities for additional revenue streams. We believe DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office and Epazz Slims can be used in many ways.”

Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC: AXXA) has launched a new digital footprint as part of its Metaverse Initiative. This new Entertainment focus represents some of the most popular and lucrative, interactive activities in the Metaverse. Plus, it represents another integrative layer and diversified complement to the Company’s current fintech-based, digital presence. Exxe leverages its deep experience in music, film, and fashion events, along with its digital communities, to simultaneously showcase interactive entertainment events via physical media and the virtual environment. Exxe conservatively estimating to generate an increase of at least 15% of our revenues from the sales in the content, fashion, music, film, market segments within 12-18 months. The new initiative will be able to strengthen the EXXE Group portfolio and add a significant amount of revenue to our overall business. By featuring leading artists and fashion designers, Exxe is primed to achieve considerable potential revenue and a global reach.

Exxe takes an agnostic approach to the Metaverse. It is this approach that ensures Exxe’s solutions offer compatibility with a number of games and platforms enabling a broad selection can select from its deep pool of experienced land acquirers, specialist artists, animators, cartoonists, digital marketers, and community builders to its clients seeking to build virtual environments, NFTs, cities, events, etc. Considering that the digital events segment is expected to be one of the most popular services in 2022, Exxe is poised to quickly grow revenue and market share, with additional platforms and products to be introduced throughout the year.

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) is already marketing a successful product. Its Omniverse platform supports virtual 3D design collaboration and simulation. Customers including manufacturers, engineering firms, and game developers are using Omniverse. 

The company has rolled out a free version of its “Omniverse” software to developers. The company made the announcement at the CES 2022 tech trade show in Las Vegas.

Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs) should enjoy tremendous demand over the long term as well as the metaverse is built.

Matterport (NASDAQ:MTTR) enables users to create digital twins or realistic 3D simulations of physical spaces such as homes, offices, and commercial real estate with an artificial-intelligence-powered application. To date, the company has created simulations for 18 billion square feet of space. 

Matterport came to the limelight after it entered into partnerships with tech giants such as Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) and Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB). 

Amazon has made Matterport’s digital twin capabilities available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and together, they created a digital twin solution for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart buildings, manufacturing, and industrial customers.

Meta Platforms is also using Matterport’s 1,000 high-resolution 3D simulation models of a range of physical spaces to teach robots to interact with the physical world. 

Unity Software Inc. (NYSE: U) has the potential to provide the foundation for the companies creating the metaverse. The company currently offers game developers software to build, monetize, and operate their video games, regardless of platform, and adjusting the software to allow developers to build a metaverse shouldn’t be much of a stretch. CEO John Riccitiello recently told analysts that Unity is working to have between 60% and 80% of metaverse content built using Unity’s software.

So, there’s plenty of potential from an investor point of view when it comes to metaverse stocks. In fact, Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that the market size for the metaverse could reach $800 billion by 2024.



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