LinkReservations Inc. (LRSV) on watch as investors are cheering new market opportunities for psychedelics globally

The psychedelic market just took a massive step towards legitimacy in the eye of corporate America. Last year, the U.K.-based pharmaceutical company Compass Pathways became the first psychedelic company to break into U.S. markets. The news is a big step towards the legitimacy of the legal psychedelic marketplace—which is forecasted to be nearly a $6.9 billion business by 2027.

Money is continuing to flow towards the psychedelic sector as the group has become the hot spot for investors. Investors are cheering new and expected legislation which is opening new market opportunities for both cannabis and psychedelics globally. Innovation in premium branding, growing technologies, manufacturing, with operational execution are key, in the drive towards profitability.

Psychedelic, Magic mushroom, and functional mushroom companies and products are gaining a lot of interest. 

 Link Reservations Inc/LinkResPet (LRSV)  is one of the names that has gained interest during the early phases of this industry. 

Functional mushrooms have become one of the top health and wellness stories of 2021. Used in a variety of health and wellness products, as well as pharmacological ones, functional mushrooms have seen an increase in demand due to their wide-range benefits, from boosting the immune system to providing a healthier dietary option. Understandably the increase in interest has kickstarted new opportunities in the wellness market, which LinkReservations Inc. (OTC PINK: LRSV) is poised to capitalise on.

As a provider of wellness and cannabidiol (CBD) products for both humans and pets, Link Reservations Inc. recently announced the expansion of its DailyLifeCBD product line to include a suite of functional mushroom-infused products. The Company, having recently acquired DailyLifeCBD to enter the health and wellness sector, is looking to expand its range of complementary wellbeing products with an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients.

The Company plans to initiate activities through DailyLifeCBD with a range of non-edible lifestyle products for people and expand on the range as the site and demand grows. LRSV is considering the possibility of a subsidiary solely focused on its mushroom-infused products.

“Our expectation, based on discussions with our manufacturer, is to have these new products available for sale in the coming weeks – we are very excited by this. We will keep shareholders and the investment community updated through press releases as developments arise.”, closed Lauritsen.

Finally, if and when Federal and jurisdiction laws allow, the Company is setting its eyes on a greater prize, with a potential suite of psychedelic mushroom-infused products to follow the functional mushroom products.

Another catalyst that has added to momentum recently came from analysts. GoldmanSmallCap published a new research report on Link Reservations, Inc. (LRSV). The firm gave it a 6-12 months price target of $0.10.



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