If You Want Better Security or More Control over Disappearing Messages, GlobeX Data Ltd (OTC: SWISF) SEKUR app is Another Great Alternative Solution to Consider over WhatsApp

Disappearing messages add an extra layer of privacy to your conversations. Let’s say you want to let someone know your home address, but don’t want that information forever accessible in your chat history. Send the address as a disappearing message and it will self-delete itself after a set amount of time.

The appeal of disappearing messages is obvious, but it seems like WhatsApp’s disappearing messages will be less secure than similar features found in other apps.

Based on the company’s explanation for how the feature will work on its platform, disappearing messages will stick around for seven days. You can’t edit that window, which may frustrate users hoping for customizable self-delete times—something many other messaging apps include.

To be fair, disappearing messages can be compromised in other apps, including Signal, but it’s harder to do so, and few are impacted by WhatsApp loopholes listed above. As long as you know how WhatsApp’s disappearing messages work and use them appropriately, the feature is entirely fine. Still, WhatsApp’s disappearing messages are not as secure as similar features in other apps. 

If you want better security or more control over disappearing messages, GlobeX Data Ltd (OTC: SWISF) SEKUR app is another great alternative solution to consider over WhatsApp.

Sekur, which includes SekurMessenger as part of a bundle of email, messaging and file transfer into one app solutions, includes the Company’s latest SekurMail technology, which includes proprietary anti-phishing and privacy feature called SekurSend®. SekurSend® lets a user send an email to any other recipient, whether they have Sekur or not, in full privacy and security as the email never leaves Sekur‘s encrypted email servers based in Switzerland. The recipient can then click on the notification and reply in the same manner using SekurReply®, without the recipient having to register for a Sekur account. The sender can also decide to protect any email sent by adding a password to open it, a read-limit and a self-destruct timer as well. Sending an email with the SekurSend® feature allows the senders and recipients to add limitless size attachments to the emails without crowding the recipients’ email box. This also guarantees to eliminate BEC attacks for businesses and email phishing attacks. Additionally, SekurMail includes full control of email delivery, automatic data export for large Enterprises and an automatic Data Loss Prevention technology (“DLP”) with real time continuous archiving.

Recent data breaches in messaging applications and in particular in the WhatsApp application have created a certain urgency for businesses and data privacy advocates to protect their communications form cyber-attacks and identity theft via mobile and desktop devices.

SekurMessenger eliminates many of the privacy and security risks by not only not requiring a phone number, which would divulge a user’s phone device ID, but also by not social engineering a user’s phone or computer contact list and infecting the contacts by default as well, eliminating a huge loophole in security and privacy. SekurMessenger issue each user a username and a SM number. The SM number is the contact ID a user would disclose in order for other SM users to be added. The service comes with a self-destruct timer and other features as well, including GlobeX’s proprietary VirtualVaults and HeliX technologies with all data stored in Swiss hosted encrypted servers.



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