Healthcare investors looking to initiate a position in COVID-19 testing stocks may want to look into AllStar Health Brands Inc. (OTC: ALST)


Many analysts expects strong COVID-19 testing demand from travel and entertainment businesses such as airports and cruises as well as from at-home testing markets in coming quarters.

“With Covid spiking and a very good chance that Joe Biden wins the White House, ushering in a more test-friendly administration, I bet the testing stocks have a lot more room to run,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said back in November.

COVID-19 diagnostic tests will continue to be relevant for many more years to come. In fact, President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to tackle COVID-19 includes ramping up testing and tracing as one of his seven key initiatives.

Healthcare traders and investors looking to initiate a position in COVID-19 testing stocks may want to look into AllStar Health Brands Inc. (OTC: ALST).

AllStar Health Brands is a specialty Health Care Products Company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select products, including medical devices, nutritional supplements, over the counter remedies and medicines all across the globe. AllStar’s goal is to bring additional products to the market and provide new, innovative options for better health and wellbeing. AllStar is a Nevada Corporation established in 2017, and headquartered in Miami, Florida.

The ALST focus in this pandemic environment is to provide high-quality products including masks, gloves gowns and rapid antibody tests to customers all across the Americas.

ALST’s COVID-19 testing capabilities has created exceptional brand awareness for the company. 

The Rapid Antibody Test Kit offers another weapon in the detection of infection by covid-19. This kind of test is 99% accurate within about a week of infection and is ideally suited for persons with or without symptoms in order to rule out or confirm the person’s immune response to the infection.

While no test is perfect, this test offers certain advantages over other current technologies such as:

  • Results in 10 minutes
  • No machine needed
  • Tests can be performed in remote locations
  • Only a few drops of blood needed

The company recently provided a Corporate update and Key Activities for 2021.

“Some recent developments in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the emergence of several new strains of the virus, adds to the importance of accurate testing and reporting,” remarked Dr. Daniel Bagi, CEO of AllStar. “The uncertainty of the efficacy of some of the vaccines against these new variants of the virus has also been called into question.

As a result, we believe fast, accurate testing will be in high demand for the foreseeable future and we are working hard to expand the reach of our offerings. As the economies of every country strive to reopen, especially in segments such as tourism, accurate Covid-19 testing in hours vs. days becomes even more important.

We believe a key factor to success in the tourism and other sectors is cutting the time for a PCR test result (still the gold standard) from several days to a few hours. This alone can be the difference for a tourist between several days of quarantine or only a few hours and could impact greatly on their decision whether to travel or not.

AllStar has been focusing its efforts on working with several countries and offering solutions to satisfy their testing needs.

We continue to expand on the efforts made initially in Jamaica and are in discussions with several other Caribbean Island and some African countries in developing testing and reporting systems to re-open their hard-hit tourism sectors, while also satisfying the requirements for these tourists to return home.

The solutions include: same-day testing, whether a simple Antigen test or the more complex PCR test, which in some countries now is a requirement before returning home, but also up until now very time consuming. Our goal is to offer same-day results, sometimes within a couple of hours of sample collection. This would relieve much of the testing burden and offer testing solutions for tens of thousands of people per day,” concluded Dr. Bagi.



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