Boatim Inc. (BTIM): Short Squeeze next?!

The boating business is budding and Wall Street is very bullish on the future of boats. 

Finding the right Boating stock on Wall Street could be the ticket to monster profits!

Now as you may have guessed, this new hunt is bringing us back to the Hot Boaring industry with a play that may be among the most UNDERVALUED and OVERLOOKED stocks in the sector….and it’s trading under $1!

As we go home for the long weekend with friends and families. I do want you you all to take a close look at $BTIM if numbers don’t lie… and the rule is you can’t sell anything you don’t have if you do you have to buy it back twice

Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM) has been in a PARABOLIC state over the last few months with traders booking easy Triple-Digit Gains left and right!

Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM) is a globally operating online marketplace and special interest social network for both the boating industry and boat users.

Boatim Inc. was founded in 2018 and currently operates with offices in Miami (USA) and Barcelona (Spain). The technology start-up provides industry-specific software, aimed at facilitating the process of buying and selling boats and providing digital maritime services online.

On the boating industry can sell and promote products and connect with a fast-growing potential customer base, while boat users can explore and buy boats, and connect with like-minded people and brands. The platform, that can be accessed through both mobile devices and desktops, generates revenues through listing placements and subscription plans, as well as on-platform ads. Thanks to the great business model scalability, more revenue streams will be added soon.

Since August 2019 the privately funded start-up has become a publicly listed entity, trading at the OTCQB Venture Market under the trading symbol BTIM.

The company recently introduced its new digital brand advertising campaign. The campaign addresses the global boating community as part of the ongoing boating boom, originally catalyzed by the pandemic last year. Demand continues to grow this year as underlying needs remain: COVID-free activities that provide a respite from worry, and instead, provide fun and exercise, like being out on the water—especially in this year’s upcoming summer season 2021.

“Boating has always meant freedom and independence. But especially now for first-time boat buyers, who’d never considered buying a boat. A new generation of captains are now getting immersed in the seafaring culture”, says Patrick Burkert, Boatim’s Chief Marketing Officer. Boatim will publish the campaign in February on all major digital advertising networks, as well as social media marketing channels including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. For the US and European rollout, the brand will initially run on a wide array of both established and new social networks and media channels, with a variety of programming, subsequently optimizing to those that perform the best.

“As we move into brand marketing, we’re still very committed to measuring and optimizing performance,” Burkert shares. “Our primary target in the market are boat and yacht buyers, but with our expansion into integrated digital services for the whole boating industry, we’re also investing in building broader brand awareness to fuel long-term business growth.”

“We view this investment in our brand as an opportunity to expand our growing market presence,” Burkert says. “We see this investment building on top-of-funnel awareness and engagement with our brand, but also playing a strong supporting role in improving the efficiency of our existing performance marketing efforts by increasing our brand familiarity and trust. We’re tracking the impact of our digital brand campaign on traffic and conversions on our site and have been very pleased with the results from initial regional testing.”

In terms of specific audience targeting, the brand’s core leans toward males with a fair number of first-time boat buyers, he says. “So the programming is skewed towards reaching that target audience to start, but the campaign will have a broad reach,” Burkert says. “We will test and learn what drives the best results and optimize accordingly.”

The company also recently launched auto-sync for boat listings for dealers and brokers, as the latest data-driven feature of the Smart Connected Inventory™ product family, making inventory management the easiest and fastest it´s ever been.

Auto-Sync Inventory Feeds allow dealers to connect their complete inventory from other supported platforms and easily bring it across to Boatim without needing to maintain inventory updates. Our daily synchronization ensures that their content is always up-to-date, regardless of where they manage their listings from.

Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM)  has a strong business model, and with the company focusing on both Online and Offline, we could see a lot more growth in the years to come. Patient Investors Can Prosper in The Long Term by initiating Positions stocks such as Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM).

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