As many investors are getting ready to ride the next green wave, City View Green Holdings Inc. (CSE: CVGR) (OTC: CVGRF) should be on top of everyone’s watchlist


The evolving cannabis industry offers investors huge room for growth. The Canadian cannabis market, in particular, is set to reach new highs. Now, growth is expected to continue at a solid pace for the next couple of years with more dispensaries set to open. 

There is many good reasons  why we believe that the next green wave is near;

  • M&A activity within the Canadian cannabis sector is heating up and is expected to persist for months
  • Canadian retail sales of regulated adult-use cannabis increased by 13.8% in March compared to February
  • More legalization expected this year in the  United States

As many investors are getting ready to ride the next green wave, City View Green Holdings Inc. (CSE: CVGR) (OTC: CVGRF) should be on top of everyone’s watchlist. 

City View Green Holdings Inc. is a leading consumer packaged goods company focused on the development of cannabis-infused edibles. With the receipt of its Cannabis Act processing licence on April 30, 2021, City View will incorporate cannabis-infused food production at its Brantford, Ontario high-capacity facility. 

In addition, City View owns a 27.5% stake in Budd Hutt Inc. (“Budd Hutt”), a retail-focused cannabis company with access to cannabis cultivation and production licences in Alberta and other retail opportunities across Canada. 

Through its relationship with Budd Hutt, the Company anticipates securing shelf space, product placement, and distribution opportunities for our white label partner products.

City View Green Holdings Inc. (CSE: CVGR) (OTC: CVGRF) and Budd Hutt Inc. are well positioned to benefit from increasing Alberta cannabis sales

Both recently announced that Budd Hutt has opened its second retail cannabis store in Grand Cache, Alberta. Budd Hutt has hired experienced staff and expects the Grande Cache store to perform well as the only retail cannabis store in the town of Grande Cache with shopping and other amenities nearby. 

Budd Hutt is a retail focused Cannabis company with four licensed locations and three pending applications for licenses in Alberta and is exploring other retail opportunities across Canada. Budd bHutt intends to secure shelf space and distribution opportunities for City View’s products.

Budd Hutt continues to pave the way to open the next store in Vermilion, Alberta in June 2021.

Earlier this year, City View announced the launch of its hemp-based dog treats under the brand names Thera-SnaxTM and PawsperityTM.

The launch of branded dog treats marks the first milestone in the development of a range of hemp and cannabis infused proprietary brands being developed in several food categories by City View. The Company’s research driven approach is being applied to pet wellness which will bring the benefits of hemp to pet owners.

Thera-SnaxTM and PawsperityTM brands are 100% natural dog treats and comprise the initial items in the company’s pet supplement product launch. Thera-SnaxTM and PawsperityTM have been developed to support both active and older dog’s wellness, with the benefits of hemp hearts and other active ingredients.

Hemp’s nutritional benefits make it one of the world’s leading superfoods, hemp hearts are a rich source of complete plant protein, omega 3’s, fibre, vitamin E and beneficial minerals to promote overall nutrition, muscle development and immune system function with anti-inflammatory properties to support healthy heart, coat, skin and joint mobility.

Thera-SnaxTM and PawsperityTM with hemp hearts will be available in 2 formulas: healthy active living support with added vitamin B, and hip and joint support with added turmeric.

When it comes to investing, patience is key even when you’re investing in a quickly evolving industry like cannabis. 


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