As demand for electric vehicles is soaring around the globe, Video River Networks, Inc. (NIHK) should be on top of everyone’s watchlist

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the electric vehicle revolution is only going to continue in 2021. And demand for electric vehicles is soaring around the globe as governments race to reduce emissions.

Thanks to automaker Ford (NYSE: F) for all the attention in the market as of late. Despite Tesla’s recent announcement on its plan to advance its effort to develop autonomous vehicles, the news was arguably overshadowed by Ford’s announcement to boost spending on electrification efforts. On top of that, the automaker aims to have 40% of its global volumes be all-electric by 2030, a move to step up its push on EVs.

When the whole transportation industry speeds up the transition to electric, investors might want to pay closer attention. The truth is, the rise of EVs didn’t happen overnight. Rather, it has been years in the making. With many growth stocks turning tide lately, a lot of focus is on the top electric vehicle stocks in the stock market today. 

There are hundreds of electric vehicle (EV) stocks you can invest in, but which are the most likely to produce 10 times returns? 

Growth investing is no doubt one of the most profitable ways to build wealth over time. The art of hunting down small cap companies with innovative business models and tons of growth potential can potentially reward you with massive gains if you are willing to ride out some volatility along the way.

There are plenty of good reasons to consider adding shares of Video River Networks, Inc. (OTC:NIHK) considering the fact that the company has massive growth opportunities in areas like Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics. These are the types of opportunities that can change the world.

Video River Networks, Inc. (OTC: NIHK) is an Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology holding company that operates and manages a portfolio of Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics (“EV-AI-ML-R”) assets, businesses and operations in North America. The Company’s current and target portfolio businesses and assets include operations that design, develop, manufacture and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles and design, manufacture, install and sell Power Controls, Battery Technology, Wireless Technology, and Residential utility meters and remote, mission-critical devices mostly engineered through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic technologies. 

NIHK’s current technology-focused business model is a result of our board resolution on September 15, 2020 to spin-in/off our specialty real estate holding business to an operating subsidiary and then pivot back to being a technology company. The Company has now returned back to its original technology-focused businesses of Power Controls, Battery Technology, Wireless Technology, and Residential utility meters and remote, mission-critical devices.

Video River Networks, Inc. (OTC:NIHK) recently announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, American Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology, Inc. has entered Joint Venture (“JV”) with China’s Lingstar Co., a Chinese Electric Vehicles Company to Create Xian Levs Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology Development Co. Ltd.

New joint venture entity will combine Video River Networks’ rollup integration experience and financial expertise with Lingstar’s EV industry expertise in China to help stakeholders maximize the value of their investments.

Through this Joint Venture, Video River Networks, Inc. would establish an operational base in China to source, design, develop, manufacture high-quality and affordable, high-performance fully electric vehicles, which it intends to distribute in North America.

The joint venture is expected to begin operations before the end of Q2, 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary conditions.

Any investor who avoided NIHK over the past twelve months would be well served to take another look. Right now could well be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. But if you wait until the money is rolling in, the share price will likely have already risen to reflect a more traditional valuation and the opportunity for huge gains will be gone.



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