2 stocks in the cannabis sector worth considering are Can B Corp (CANB) and Marijuana Company of America (MCOA)

During the runup to the 2020 election, now President Joe Biden pledged to decriminalize cannabis. Although it was a tad bit short of full legalization, the overture was well received by proponents of both personal liberties and cannabis stocks. Further, with the Biden administration having the benefit of Democratic control of Congress (albeit a tenuous one), the future looks bright for botanicals.

At the same time, investors need to be realistic about cannabis stocks. Yes, the legislative backdrop continues to support the concept of legalization, with even conservative states warming up to acceptance of the plant to various degrees or conditions. Yet the marijuana investment market hasn’t been the most stable, irrespective of the encouraging ecosystem.

This is why prospective buyers who are bullish on cannabis stocks should consider companies that offer a diversified take on the industry. These include companies that offer traditional cannabis-based solutions but other products as well. And they might not even be marijuana firms at all but provide necessary services for the industry. 

Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere — and that means many gardeners and farmers have planting on their minds. For investors wanting to join the party and do some planting of cash in stocks, 2 stocks in the cannabis sector worth considering are Can B Corp (OTC: CANB) and Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA)

Can B Corp. (OTCQB:CANB) is a Health & Wellness company providing the highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) products under the brands of Canbiola, Seven Chakras, NuWellness, Pure Leaf Oil, and Duramed. Can B utilizes multi-channel distribution to reach consumers, including medical facilities, doctor offices, retailers, online and direct. Can B Corp. owns and operates an R&D and production facility in Lacey, WA, and Green Grow Farms, a licensed hemp grow and cultivation in New York. To learn more about Can B Corp. and our comprehensive line of high-quality CBD products, please visit: and, follow Can B Corp onInstagram and Facebook, or visit one of the hundreds of retail outlets that carry Can B Corp. products.

The company recently announced it has closed on the acquisition of assets and talent from a hemp derivative development and manufacturing group. A newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary, Botanical Biotech LLC (“BB”), will be the new home for Florida-based research & development laboratory and extraction facility for the Company. BB will focus on developing and implementing new pharmacokinetics technology and partnering with global and emerging brands to create innovative products and solutions that are positioned for sustainability and wellness and are culturally driven.

The new subsidiary will be led by President Bradley Lebsock. BB will aim to improve upon what Mother Nature has given us by using cutting-edge science to develop innovations that offer a greater value proposition by optimizing the formulation of plant-based products to improve the bio-availability of bio- active compounds and ensure long-term stability to ensure the consumer has a consistent experience. There are several strategies that can be used to enhance the liberation, solubilization, and absorption of bio-active compounds. BB’s extensive experience utilizing these pharmaceutical homogenization techniques allowing us to manipulate molecules and offer scalable cost-effective formulations paired with the ability to articulate the unique value propositions of a formula through our in-house marketing and communications team.

B&B’s team are at the forefront of hemp isolate extraction into CBG, CBN, and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. According to a February 2020 Healthline Media report, “CBD and CBG are both non-intoxicating cannabinoids, meaning they won’t make you high, and both interact with the same receptors in the body, according to a 2018 study Trusted Source, and appear to have anti-inflammatory effects”. The article goes on to name a plethora of possible additional benefits of the CBG and CBN cannabinoids.

For more information about Can B Corp., please visit:

Marijuana Company of America (OTC: MCOA) is an emerging company and leader offering unique exposure to the global cannabis sector. The Company recently transitioned from research & development to a revenue-producing cannabis marketing company focused on sales & marketing of the Company’s line of proprietary botanical legal hemp-based CBD (cannabidiol) “hempSMART™” products.

hempSMART™ offers an extensive full line of premium CBD organic products that are scientifically driven and double lab tested to ensure purity and potency. The Company will direct the sale of its products to wholesalers, distributors, the medical community, online e-commerce consumer platforms, and a proven network affiliate marketing program. The Company has also launched international sales, production, and marketing expansion.

Marijuana Company of America recently announced that its wholly owned hempSMART™ subsidiary has entered into a non-exclusive logistics and distribution agreement with, an award-winning order fulfillment company serving high-volume national and global ecommerce brands.

Per the agreement, will provide best-in-class warehousing and logistics infrastructure needed for worldwide distribution of hempSMART’s premium cannabidiol (CBD) products. will initially target the United States, the UK and the Netherlands, where it has established customers and existing distribution channels for CBD products.

The evolving cannabis industry offers investors huge room for growth. The U.S. legal cannabis market, in particular, is set to boom. It could grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% to be worth $41 billion by 2025, according to a report from New Frontier Data.

When it comes to investing, patience is key even when you’re investing in a quickly evolving industry like cannabis. 



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